Bountiful Blessings

There are many reasons why we are thankful in 2019. This year at Ascension Homes we reflect on all the blessings which support our mission of providing comfort, care and compassion to enrich and enhance the lives of our residents.


Many upgrades were made this year to enhance the comfort for the residents. New carpeting throughout the homes, new paint, showers modified to walk in, a new private room and even a new furnace and air conditioner provide a more comfortable atmosphere and boost the warm hearted environment in which they all call home.


Enthusiasm fills the rooms most days and smiles are on the residents faces because of the care they receive. A visit to the zoo, pool parties, Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations to name a few, created a feeling of fulfillment this year to all those that live in our homes. A reflection of why they are thankful is reflected on the Thanksgiving wheel picture shown. Some of the group also pose before eating their plentiful Thanksgiving meal donated by a generous local organization which support adult foster care homes.


Of course, without the compassion provided by the amazing staff at all the homes, we would not be viewed as one of the best in Grand Rapids. Our team of well-trained caregivers with serving hearts are conscientious, reliable and provide insightful care. They help maintain the health and personal care of each person that lives in our homes. Unfortunately, we lost one of our favorite furry caregivers this year and will miss him greatly.

Titan our furry caregiver


In summary, we love spoiling our residents and take seriously our mission to provide peace of mind to our residents and the individuals that love them. Feel free to schedule a tour to learn more.

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