Ascension Homes Awarded Trusted Provider

Ascension Health Homes today announced that it has received the Certified – Trusted Provider distinction from Home Care Pulse. This distinction illustrates Ascension Health Home’s commitment to client satisfaction.

“We want to commend Ascension Health Homes for receiving the Certified – Trusted Provider distinction,” says Aaron Marcum. “Home Care Pulse awards this distinction to providers who are actively gathering feedback from their clients each month and using that feedback to improve the quality of care they provide. By choosing a Certified – Trusted Provider to care for their loved ones, families can be reassured that their provider is dedicated to quality in home care.”

Deb Z agrees. “They are very responsive and I can always reach them. They are very detail oriented when it comes to keeping track of my
client’s care.”

About Ascension Health Homes

Ascension Health Homes is committed to providing comfort, care and compassion to give you and the one your care about peace of mind in a residential assisted living setting. It was founded in 2010. Its mission is enriching and enhancing lives through individualized, reliable and comprehensive care to improve the quality of life for seniors and adults. Further information can be found on


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