Virtual Mental Health Therapy for Veterans


Many veterans suffer from mental health issues, such as PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and depression. They can often feel stuck in the corner with suicide as an only option. Options to give our veterans assurance they can receive the care they may desperately need is necessary. Thankfully there is help available through virtual mental health therapy for veterans!

In a time where telehealth has exploded, and virtual therapy is widely available, veterans can now also take advantage of this option by visiting Online therapy simplifies the process of meeting with a qualified mental health provider. This service can also help remove barriers to mental health services. This resource also shares the most effective, affordable, and convenient online therapy services available for veterans.

Ascension Health Homes provides compassion, care and comfort to those that can no longer live independently in a residential assisted living setting. We are proud to serve the veterans that live in our homes. Services such as online therapy for veterans is a recommended resource for veterans needing support in the comfort of their own home.

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