Our Hero

Our Hero, a Marine

Our hero never wore masks and gloves like some of the heroes of today. Our hero was a Marine who sported a utility uniform and hammer to fix tanks in preparation for war.

Our hero. He was tired of school at a young age and had a desire to travel the world. 1953 was the year. He joined the Marines with his Mom’s blessing and started his career as a film inspector. He spliced films with commercials for TV then left for Camp Lejeune to learn how to become a tank mechanic.

In 1954 he had his first opportunity to live his dream and travel across the world to serve after the Korean War as a M47 tank mechanic. Although a hammer was a common tool of choice, he was proud of his marksmanship. He could hit a bullseye 400 yards away.

Did he ever feel like a hero? According to H.G., “he was just doing his job”. A hard worker at heart, after earning the National Defense Service Medal, he returned to Detroit to sell expensive shoes for women and sell advertising for movies.

At Ascension Homes, it is our pleasure to provide him care and honor him as our hero! Happy Memorial Day!



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