Providing care to each other

Providing care to each other

How to Care for the Seniors in Your Neighborhood

It’s truly unfortunate when a senior is left to fend for themselves in the absence of loved ones and family. Sadly, this is more common than you might think. The fact is, there are countless seniors aging in place unsupervised and unassisted, despite increasing physical and mental challenges. Many of them might even be within your neighborhood.

With this in mind, it is our responsibility to look after the more vulnerable seniors. After all, who else is there to see to their welfare, safety and health? At the very least, your company is more than welcome, as they are often lonely.

Ascension Health offers this handy guide on what you can do to help

● Help seniors maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, and encourage them to look to sources like meal delivery if cooking is an issue.
● Nutritional needs change with age, but be sure to watch for signs of eating problems that can have a negative impact on their health.
● Encourage seniors to enjoy simple exercises to prevent falls and other accidents. Balancing and strength exercises are critical to avoiding dangerous falls.
● There are also exercise alternatives that help challenged seniors stay healthy.

● Introduce seniors in your life to smart technology like medication dispensers or smart home security equipment to keep them safe and independent.
● In addition to smart home safety, a smartwatch or fitness tracker can monitor their vital signs and provide fall alerts that can immediately call for help in the event of an emergency.
● Familiarize yourself with the dangers of loneliness in older adults, and look for ways to help them ward off isolation and boost socialization. Whether it’s through frequent visits or helping them get to a local senior center.
● If your senior is having difficulty with their fixed income, help them use a property value tool to determine whether downsizing is their right option.
● Be watchful of any behavior or activities that signal that it’s time for a senior to get more permanent care and assistance. Be sure to reach out to family members as soon as possible.
● Many seniors are hesitant to ask for help. Because of this, it’s important to offer guidance to seniors for getting the care they need.

What to do next

Indeed, seniors are as valuable to the community as anyone else. It is truly within our power and obligation to ensure their comfort and safety now and in the future. Ultimately, it’s a simple matter of just checking up on them and taking action when they need help.

When the time comes that the one you care about can no longer live independently and needs a residential assisted living environment, look to Ascension Health for additional advice and guidance for placement and health and wellness options.