Alternative exercise demonstration

Whether active or non-active, exercise alternatives for a better life benefit all ages, with or without a new year’s resolution! Not sure how to start, if you want to start or even if it is possible? Begin with chair exercises to keep your body moving and functioning properly as you age.

Is it really worth the time?

Still not convinced it is worth the time? Weak and flabby arms got you down? Arm exercises help relieve difficulties associated with lifting items over your head or from the floor. Of course, strong arms help maintain independence.

Core exercises improve posture and balance and help reduce pain in the lower back. Leg exercises ease the ability to get up stairs and prevent falls. Stretching prevents injuries and can relieve discomfort associated with the muscles. Undoubtedly, all of the exercise ideas listed for any body part help burn extra calories, easing the guilt of that special treat.

Improve your mental and physical health

Whether you have never exercised, used to exercise, know it is time to start again, or want some new exercise ideas, check out the visual guide to get started. No matter what your level of capability, begin now to improve your mental and physical health. Try exercise alternatives for a better, quality life!

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