A solid team. A team that is stable, complimentary to each other and can solve problems. What is the secret? Ascension Health III Manager Kazilynn and support staff Courtney share their previously untold tips. Their words reveal some methods to an unbreakable, problem solving team.

Cooperation and communication

Kaz and Courtney

Courtney starts out the conversation with insightful words, “we work well together because we are not competing to be the better caregiver. We are working together to give the best caregiving experience we can. I feel Kazilynn is very good at cooperation and it makes me want to be better at it as well.”

Simply put, cooperation and communication are part of the key to a solid team. Working towards a common goal, to provide comfort, care and compassion so that you and the ones you care about can have peace of mind. “Kaz and I come to an agreement on the solution or style and stick to it. We are not working against each other, we are here to support each other.” Courtney states as a matter of fact.

In addition, they understand each other’s personalities. This knowledge results in more effective communication between each other. At Ascension Health Homes each employee at the point of hire completes the DISC profile test at 123test.com . The DISC profile is a useful tool to build stronger team partnerships and gives each team member a better perspective of how they interact with others.

Creativity, Commitment and Support

Providing an environment that reflects the best care and supports for the residents require creativity and commitment towards working to a successful solution. Both Kaz and Courtney comment on the importance of collaborating together to find steps to action. As a result of our collaboration, “We are able to address various topics such as resident behaviors, activities for fun, organizational improvements and even menu ideas.” Kaz states.

Also, management support is central to our success when addressing challenging problems. Having the additional resource and support of Amanda Kohaliskygives us an additional layer of insight to consider. We feel supported and appreciated which is a large part of having a healthy work environment.


In addition to the factors stated, training with effective techniques and resources are critical to our success. Every year we receive continuing education in many topics to keep us skilled at our profession. We recently attended a Teepa Snow conference to learn more techniques to work with residents with dementia.  The insight provided not only helps with understanding and learning new skills; but, also “helps us become more patient and understanding of our residents and each other”. Courtney adds.


Cooperation, communication, commitment, creativity, support and training, the combination of these characteristics clearly show why they are a solid team. By following these tips, Kaz reveals the ultimate benefit of their strong working relationship.

“Because we are a strong team, we are able to go above and beyond our goal to provide comfort, care and compassion. Where one of us lacks, the other is able to pick up.” Courtney adds ”working with Kaz has made me more compassionate, a better person and a better caregiver”.

It is our pleasure to show their skills in action. Call us today for a tour to learn more about how we can provide comfort, care and compassion for you or your loved to give you peace of mind.

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