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WELL SPENT. Merriam Webster definition:  worth having been used: worth the time money, etc.

Kazilynn and Staff

Kazilynn and Staff

The learning curve was long to master my position, but it was time well spent. Today we celebrated 5 years of time well spent with Kazilyn Irwin, manager of Ascension Health III. Today we honor her dedication to her residents and her commitment to Ascension Health throughout her 5-year career. We also sadly say goodbye and wish her great success in her new career as a Recruiter/ Caregiver Supervisor.


Kazilynn started as Support Staff in 2015 to inspire the residents she cared for to have a positive outlook on the future and situations they were unsure of. She focused on confidence-building and supporting their goals, aspirations, and dreams.

At a young age she discovered her passion for caring for seniors and adults. Helping her Grandparents was always a gratifying experience. As she grew older, her passion for helping people became the driving force in her life. Over the 5 years of time well spent Kazilynn states, “I’ve grown quite a bit in 5 years.  I’ve learned to problem solve on my own.  I’ve learned that asking for help does not make me weak.  I’ve also learned to love people while you have them because they won’t always be. Not everyone is the same and some people require different strategies and ways of doing things.”

Kazilynn's party

Kazilynn’s party

Some of her favorite memories include group outings that made all the residents happy. The Zoo, the circus, and the tiger’s baseball game were some of the all-time favorites.  Helping the ladies learn new skills to make them feel independent was most satisfying and staff outings like the cabin and hanging out helped reduced stress.


Her successor is Karlee Olthouse. Her dedication and commitment mimics that of Kazilynn. She will take the torch passed onto her and begin the process of time well spent in her new position.


Nadine Carlson