How, you ask, does music relate to providing the best care? At Ascension Health Homes we correlate exemplary care to a band. Each person performs their part using their own strengths; but, at the same time draw on the strengths of the rest of the group to make beautiful music. In our case, “beautiful music” means a dedicated group of experienced, friendly, qualified caregivers that are known throughout West Michigan as providing the best available housing, care and supports for seniors and adults!


In his book, Leadership Jazz, the author Max De Pree associates a jazz band to leadership. “Jazz band leaders must choose the music, find the right musicians and perform. But the effect of the performance depends on so many things-the environment, the volunteers playing in the band, the need for everybody to perform as individuals and as a group, the absolute dependence of the leader on the members of the band, the need of the leader for the followers to play well.” He goes on to say, “The leader of a jazz band has the beautiful opportunity to draw the best out of the other musicians.”



Although our pictures may reflect what would seem to be a rock band versus a jazz band, the point is still the same. With Nadine Carlson as the “bandleader”, she encourages and enforces principle driven teamwork, professionalism, honesty, communication and adaptability from each manager. In turn, each manager expects the same performance and quality of work from their support staff to provide the care needed and expected from our residents.

In addition, weekly meetings occur between the Owner, Director, Amanda Kohalisky, and each Manager to collaborate, develop leadership skills, and approach each situation and daily tasks intentionally. The Managers in turn use their individual strengths to carry out their tasks independently throughout the week.

Of course having fun and loving what we do creates a crescendo in the music we currently make.  If you would like to see our team in action, call us today to set up a tour!


Band Manager-Director-Amanda

First Chair-Ascension 1 Manager-Shannon

First Chair-Ascension 2 Manager-Heidey

First Chair-Ascension 3 Manager- Kaz




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