Eyes To The Heart



Just as the eyes of a person are the window to their soul, pleasant landscaping, the eyes, reflect the heart of an organization.  Recently, the landscaping for Ascension Health I and Ascension Health III were updated to better reflect the identity of Ascension Health Homes.

The Identity

The plant choices are simple expressing the common sense approach and individualized care provided to each of the residents. The greenery is hearty reflecting the longevity of the plant which relates to our commitment to providing long-term care to each individual as their needs change over time. The layout is inviting to reveal the warm-hearted environment offered to all.

Our Commitment

At Ascension Health Homes our commitment is offering each resident individualized, trustworthy personal care. We assist each to successfully accomplish their activities of daily living that they can no longer perform independently.  The environment we offer is comfortable  and home-like. This approach and environment ultimately gives not only the residents, but the family and those that love them, peace of mind.

Enjoy the pictures to show the eyes to the heart of Ascension Health Homes. Contact us now to set up a tour to learn more.

Ascension Health III Ascension Health I

Ascension Health III Close Up








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