Oh to be a kid again! Life was so much fun! The animals, the acrobats, the tigers! The circus, the circus, it is also for adult and senior fun!

Providing lighthearted activities for our residents is an important goal of Ascension Health Homes. A simple request, a dream, a desire is the starting point for delight. Providing socialization and community activities not only gives the adults and seniors something to look forward to; but, also encourages them to provide ideas to staff for a fun day out.


“I heard the circus is coming to town,” Trudy states during lunch.  “Kevin and I thought it would be fun to take a group to see it.” “I’ll check into it,” responds Nadine. “That sounds like a great idea!”

A few weeks later the simple request resulted in 15 residents and staff attending the Saladin Shrine Circus at the DeltaPlex. As our group anticipated the day, they were excited with optimistic thoughts of an active crowd, circus food, daredevil acts and animated characters. We all could not wait to see the variety of animals and daredevil performers!


The Ringmaster promised a great performance and the entertainers delivered what we all came to see! Our group rocked and clapped to the loud music. They were overjoyed to see the playful kittens and dogs accomplishing their tricks. Popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs and even fried pickles dangled from their hands and mouth as they gasped at the motorcycles in the Globe and the white tigers in the cage which displayed an dominant attitude and frisky motions.

With that being said, Ascension Health Homes is committed to providing a variety of adult and senior fun activities throughout the year. The diversity of events brings back youthful memories and opportunities for community inclusion. Continue to check our posts for future outing reports.

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