100 Years of Love and Laughter


100 Years of Love and Laughter were celebrated at Pat’s early 100th birthday party celebration!! Ascension Health III staff and over 85 friends and family from around the country gathered together to celebrate Pat’s special day!!


Born October 9, 1918, Virginia, nicknamed Pat for the shortened version of her maiden name, has an engaging story to learn about. She didn’t start school until she was 6 years old because the distance from home to school was too far to walk for a 5 year old.

At 8-10 years old she would ride with her Dad at night to pick up her sister at the School for the Blind in Lansing. After a long day of work Dad was very tired. It was her job to make sure he did not fall asleep.

She was also a talented young lady. She taught the Hawaiian guitar and accordion at Hager’s Music Center on Division Street.  At the cusp of physical fitness and strength becoming fashionable, Pat enjoyed staying fit. She used to ride her bike along with her friends to Grand Haven State Park from Grand Rapids. They would spend the night at a lodge which cost a seemingly modest $.50. The next day someone would pick them up and drive them back home.

Although the list is very long of other stories and interesting tales, there is one last one worth sharing. Pat was always frugal and willing to learn new things. She taught herself how to cut her boy’s and husband’s hair. Her work was so well liked, the neighbors and her grandchildren were happy to get a trim from her to look their best.


Pat has 4 amazing children, 7 beautiful grand children, 16 loving great grand children and 5 great great grand children. The family proclaims they are blessed because of her. What an honor. What a legacy. We felt privileged to participate in this great 100 year celebration and look forward to caring for Pat for many more years!

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